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Services We Provide

Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC offers an innovative approach to training and assessment of substance abuse issues in DOT and non-DOT programs. Our team of consultants have over 30 years of service to the mental health and substance abuse field.

Your organization needs employees who are not suffering from alcohol and drug issues. Substance abuse and addiction has a negative effect on your entire business. Individuals with alcohol and drug problems will in fact put your business at risk, particularly if you are in a safety sensitive industry such as oil and gas, construction, or transportation. Even in a non-DOT area, such as nursing, retail, and/or education to name a few,  substance abuse addiction has a negative effect on your entire business and your patients  and/or clientele.

Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC provides safety-sensitive industries and the communities in which we work, the peace of mind of knowing that competence and quality are paramount when addressing substance use issues.

Our DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional evaluates clients using uniform assessment and follow all DOT reporting protocols; thus reducing the potential of any grievance based upon an allegation of discrimination. The  assessment offers diagnostic evaluation that drive recommendations for treatment and compliance.

Our Substance abuse training program assist companies in providing a safer workplace environment through educating their supervisors, employers and employees. See our list of training on our Services Page.

For employees who exhibit "the little engine" that could syndrome, try one of our coaching programs.  We can get them transformed for service!


  • DOT/SAP services
  • NON DOT/EAP services
  • DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • DOT Substance Abuse Education
  • Second Chance Program
  • Substance Abuse Policies and Procedures
  •  Coaching Services: Transformational, Life, & Butterfly for Families

  • Private consultation/assessments
  • NON DOT/EAP services
  • Home Life & Workplace Issues -
        Gambling, Anger, Coaching, Alcohol & Drugs

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