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Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC provides safety-sensitive industries and the communities in which we work, the peace of mind of knowing that competence and quality are paramount when addressing substance use issues. Most of the employees (roughly 80%) who participate in the SAP programs with Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC continue their career after successfully completing the SAP process.  The American Substance Abuse Professional reports the federal government rates routinely fall in the 30% - 40% range.


DOT (Department of Transportation)


Our training sessions that are certified for DOT Supervisor's Training and Employee Education is listed on our Training Page. The Trainings are taught by energetic and knowledgeable professionals in the field of substance abuse disorders and abuse.  From OSHA related issues to supervisors and employees training, anger management and even aftercare compliance and management, we have you covered. Do you want to know why Marijuana is not an approved drug by the Department of Transportation?  Ask Us!  


Workplace services are not limited to the Department of Transportation only.  All employees who work in safety-sensitive positions have a responsibility to ensure the safety of others within their company. ISSLLC also provide services for a drug-free workplace which includes a second (2nd) chance program, assistance with policies and procedures, workplace coaching, as well as drug & alcohol testing.


Second Chance Programs  - we assist companies in providing evaluation, case management and testing services that federally regulated employers rely upon to return employees back to work after:

          A positive drug/alcohol test



          Refusal to test

Workplace Coaching  - got issues that have reduced the trust and fellowship in your organization - let us help!  From substance abuse prevention to increasing workplace ethics and awareness - we are here for you!

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program - assists small business in starting and maintain effective drug-free workplace programs.  Drug free workplace promotes a safe workplace, increased productivity, lower benefit costs and improved profits as a result of the elimination of abuse in the workplace.                                           Reason to test:  Pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty and follow-up testing.

Speaker for Events & Workshops  - let us motivate your employees to appreciate a safe environment where they are able to cope with everyday stressors whether at home or work without the use of illegal drugs and reduced alcohol consumption.

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